QMex Workflow

Carry business processes specific to your company to the electronic environment with the QMex Workflow infrastructure.

What is QMex Workflow?

It is a work flow platform where you can realize your business processes that specific to your company and that you cannot find solutions with standard products.

Powerful and safe key features of QMex


It is a product that has been created and formed as a result of various banking and pharmaceutical industry experiences for many years.


It is a scalable platform according to the usage density.

Integrity and Consistency

The business processes specific to your company are designed by our expert team on the QMex Workflow platform, considering data integrity and consistency.

QMex features that make your work easier

Advanced Workflow Management
System and Module Based Authorization
LDAP Integration
Audit Trail
Registration History
Registry Revision System
Registration Based Personal Reminder
Record Based Notes
Registration Based Correspondence
Record Based Files
Personalized List Views and Filters
Action-Based and Scheduled Notifications
Personal Page: Pending Jobs, Delegated Jobs, Bookmarks
Graphic Reports
Trend Reports
Printer Friendly PDF Versions of Records
The Related Records screen, which allows you to view the records associated with each other
Multiple location support
Multi language support
Web Services for Integration with 3rd Party Systems
User Friendly Interfaces

Some of the processes we carry to the electronic environment on the QMex Workflow platform

Banking Documentation Management
Customer Notifications
Suggestion Evaluation System
Project management
Consumer (Individual) Loans Evaluation and Allocation Processes
Corporate Loans Evaluation, Allocation and Notification Processes
Corporate Credit Scoring
Company Balance Sheet Information
Loan Disbursements
Discrepancy Management
Collateral Management
Expertise Management
Foreign Transactions Management
Administrative Affairs Process Management
Distraint Notices
Legal Process Management
Contract Management
Guarantee Documents
Money Transfer
Target Tracking
Overtime Tracking
Check, Payroll and Provision Management
Bad Check&Note Notifications
Various Monitoring Reports
Network Configurations
Congress and Event Tracking and Value Transfer
Purchasing Management
Cost Notices