Laboratory Analysis

BTS is the only authorized partner of Bureau Veritas in Turkey for analyzes related to pharmaceutical sector. The processes of our laboratory are operated in accordance with GLP and there are 17025 accreditation.

Below is the list of analyzes we have done so far. Please contact us for all your other needs.

  • Elemental Impurity
  • Abirateron Acetate Boron and Palladium Determination Analysis
  • Elemental Impurity Analysis and Metal Recognition
  • Extractables & Leachables
  • Residual Solvent GC
  • Nitrosamine (NDMA, NDEA, NMBA, NDIPA, NDBA, NIPEA)
  • Particle Size Determination
  • Sodium Analysis
  • Total Iron
  • I Vanadium
  • Product Specific Validation Report